Community Manager, Events Organizer, and Creator working on bringing happier and more diverse communities!

Black Card Members Virtual Community

Black Card Members is a space meant for empowering creatives of color; providing an open space for creatives of color to express themselves, make connections, and have fun amongst their peers; and Black Card Members is a space of advocation for those creatives of color and the black and brown community of every mix and shade.I created this community in February 2020 before the hit of the global pandemic from the ground up!

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What's Good!

Hiya, I'm Cel! Community Manager, Events Organizer, Project Manager, Creator of Content, on and off Game Dev, wanna be Chef, and well...lots more!I am the CEO and Founder of the creative community Black Card Members where our goal is to represent creative people of color and helping them achieve their goals!Need someone to speak at panels? Help manage your communities? Maybe even tell you why Thai Tea with coffee jelly is god tier? I'm who you're lookin' for!

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